Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plated rings

Not many individuals are aware of that a variety of jewelry items are made from white gold is actually rhodium plated to make the jewelry pieces look shinier and become highly durable. Rhodium plated jewelry is available in a variety of styles and designs. From necklaces and pendants to earrings and rings, you can get any sort of jewelry piece in rhodium plating.

In fact, rhodium plating is generally found on the jewelry that is manufactured from the white gold and not often on the ones that are fabricated from platinum or silver. But it is also important to remember that the plate of rhodium does not actually last for indefinite period of time. In case it is on something that is used and worn on a daily basis, such as bangles, the plate of rhodium will last for a few years only. However in case it is on something that you wear on occasions such as pair or earrings or ring, then rhodium plating can last for a very long span of time.

Needless to say, rhodium is also good with scratches and dents. It can make the jewelry items shinier. So it is wise to ask the jeweler if they plan to polish or scrub your rhodium plated ring. Smoother the piece of jewelry will be, it will look shinier after the polishing or scrubbing procedure.

Rhodium is basically the rare chemical element which also serves as the member of platinum group. The rhodium plating is utilize on the jewelry items to offer a kind of plate which can defend underlying metal from any tarnish or scratches and thus offer a reflective and shiny white appearance. A rhodium plated ring will sure get all the attention from the onlookers. You can choose from the myriad of designs and patterns available when it comes to rhodium plated rings. The best part about such rings is that they are available in every size and style to suit the tastes and requirements of the buyers.

One good point about rhodium plated jewelry is that it offers an alternative to people who are hypersensitive to nickel in the low quality gold. The rhodium plating on the other hand, provides the buffer that allows lot of people to easily put on the 14 or 10 K jewelry.

It is nice to own rhodium plated rings but at the same time you need to know how to best keep such jewelry. Never use chemicals on the rhodium pieces. Also, do not use toothpaste or brush the ring with a toothbrush. People generally use the polishing cloths that can be used on the uncoated silver but not on gold items. It is better to consult the jewelry professional for precautions to be taken while cleaning or keeping the rhodium jewelry.

Now when you know that rhodium plated jewelry is in vogue, better opt for the best pieces and make your personality outshine. With a nice, elegant and simple rhodium plated ring, you can add colors to your wardrobe for sure.

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